Distributed Solar PV

Distributed Solar PV

Market Segments

Our distributed solar PV systems are usually 1-20 MW-dc in size and participate in major market segments such as front-of-the-meter, behind-the-meter, feed-in-tariff, net-metering, community solar, as well as wholesale and merchant.

Full Range of PV System Set-ups

All configurations and all deployments of distributed Solar PV systems

Our team is experienced in all kinds of solar PV system set-ups, including landfills, ground-mounts, rooftops, canopies, as well as the complex AC- and DC- coupled systems with energy storage. We diligently apply our deep knowledge and time-tested expertise to design and construct systems that can deliver the most value in the long run.

How We Work

We are a fully integrated solar developer, builder, owner and operator that takes projects from inception through construction and operation.

Since 2013, Agilitas Energy has established a platform business of distributed solar PV to deliver superior value to all stakeholders across the value chain, such as municipalities, utility companies, tax-equity investors, and financial institutions. Along the way, our team has achieved a proven track record of developing, engineering, and building more than 450MW of solar PV systems. In 2019, our team intensified its to focus on energy storage and is currently designing and constructing multiple complex PV systems coupling with battery energy storage systems.

Agilitas Energy’s core competency and strategic advantage lie in our internal development and EPC that ensure efficiency and deliver institutional-grade systems designed for optimal yields.

Our systems usually operate as net-metered, feed-in-tariff, or Community Solar, and can also participate in the energy wholesale markets. Our engineering expertise enables all sites – designed and built by our own EPC group – to optimize energy yield.