We develop hydropower capacity on America’s best non-powered dams by combining 21st-century mechanical engineering with real-time, climate-aware cloud computing.

We continuously refine our operational settings by using real-time equipment monitoring and weather data. Our asset management team rigorously lowers operating and maintenance costs while significantly extending the 100+ year lifespan of our assets.

Hidden Superpower

Hydropower has the lowest carbon/kWh among all energy technologies.

The ultra-low carbon per kWh of hydropower creates additional revenue as the economy calls for lower greenhouse emissions. Our hydro projects also qualify for investment tax or production tax credit.

Long-term Sustainability

We build our projects with thoughtful designs to minimize negative environmental impact, at existing dams with run-of-river operation.

Our thorough studies and deep expertise lead to faster permitting, healthier rivers, and long-term financial sustainability.