Agilitas BESS Proposal Won First Non-Wires Solutions Award from Con Edison in New York

Agilitas BESS Proposal Won First Non-Wires Solutions Award from Con Edison in New York


Agilitas Energy, a leading Northeast energy developer, has been awarded with one of the largest competitive energy storage projects in New York City – Con Edison’s Newtown Non-Wires Solutions Energy Storage System Request for Proposals.

The Newtown Non-Wires Solutions RFP was released to identify qualified developers to help Con Edison resolve the predicted substation overload challenge in the coming years. Forecasts show that grid load demand in the Borden, Sunnyside, and Maspeth networks in Queens have been rapidly growing and threatens to overwhelm capacity. Energy storage systems have been the new eco-friendly solution to combat the grid’s peak load demand in the summer months and will help accelerate the retirement of the aged peaker plants that emit pollutants into the air. Additionally, the non-wires solution will bring cost-saving benefits for Con Edison’s customers, as the high costs for implementing the traditional wired solutions will be reflected on the end customers’ utility bills.

Agilitas Energy stood out and won the Non-Wires Solution award with its deep knowledge in energy storage, strong track record of delivering projects under tight timeline and in sophisticated markets, as well as close partnership with industry players and suppliers, such as Integrated Storage Technology (IST). Agilitas is partnering with the leading storage technology company, IST, to provide the operational control platform for the project.

“Winning one of the largest energy storage contracts in New York City is a significant milestone for Agilitas because it signifies additional recognition of our experience and expertise in energy storage and also allows us to make a big impact relieving grid pressure for the residents of Queens while helping control the cost of electricity,” said Barrett Bilotta, President of Agilitas Energy.