Energy Storage

Energy Storage

We engineer, construct, and operate battery energy-storage systems that reduce costs by storing excess energy when demand is low for later use when demand is high. This “peak shaving” strategy enables utilities to lower operational costs and avoid the capital investments otherwise required to increase capacity to meet peak demands.

Our systems are designed to meet the ever-changing “value stack” of energy use cases. We build storage solutions that flexibly support the full range of current and future use cases — all within one storage infrastructure. Agilitas prides itself on proven expertise in identifying, analyzing, and supporting value stacks and engineering solutions that deliver multiple energy services simultaneously.

Market Analysis

First, we select geographical markets and sites with the greatest need. We analyze the feasibility of solving problems throughout the value stack such as: peak load management, capacity and demand management, frequency/regulation, and others.

Solution Design

We are technology-agnostic and totally focused on maximizing performance by matching the right technology and equipment to specific energy challenge. Simulations further refine the design of our storage systems to accommodate site constraints and various trade-offs among the services we deliver. We have multiple approaches, including designs for either front or back of the meter, AC or DC coupled systems, and either standalone or hybrid generation. We do whatever it takes.

Construction and Operations

We take our storage solutions through construction and commercial operation. By leveraging our partner network, we can cost-effectively acquire a blend of best-of-breed, integrated technology and expertise. Our asset managers anticipate the daily/hourly operation by using algorithms and formulas to predict and respond to demand and ultimately enter the asset in the market when it is most beneficial.