Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Market Leadership

We adapt to the constantly changing developments in the energy industry

Our veteran team has been a pioneer in energy storage. We are proud to be one of the first-to-market energy storage players in the Northeastern U.S. and the first to bring a Continuous Storage Facility to commercial operation in the ISO-NE control area.  We are now the largest integrated developer, builder, owner and operator of distributed solar and energy storage systems in the northeast.


We are active in the core energy storage market segments including peak-shaving, reliability dispatch, non-wires reliability solutions, and merchant revenue capture. Our facilities include both front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter systems and are either standalone or coupled with solar PV assets.

Full Range of Energy Storage Services

Our extensive knowledge of RTO markets allows us to capture capacity market revenue and to dispatch our facilities to capture real-time 10-minute spinning reserve revenue, Forward Reserve Market revenue, Frequency Reserve revenue, and day-ahead and real-time energy revenue. 

In addition, our understanding of retail storage programs allows us to simultaneously participate in wholesale markets and state sponsored renewable programs such as the Massachusetts Clean Peak and SMART programs and the New York VDER programs. 

Our load forecasting and operational experience allows us to provide peak clipping and reliability services to utilities and to participate in non-wires alternatives solutions to help make the bulk power grid more efficient.

How We Work

We design, build, own, and operate battery energy storage systems that are either standalone or coupled with solar PV systems.

We leverage our own EPC and Asset Management groups to maximize yield and create value throughout the systems’ lifecycle. 

Our systems are designed to meet the ever-changing “value stack” of energy use cases. We build energy storage solutions that flexibly support the full range of current use cases with an eye toward future markets and use cases. 

Our expert team has real-world, proven expertise in identifying, analyzing, and maximizing value throughout the project lifecycle.

Solution Engineering

We focus our resources on opportunities with the greatest potential. Our expert team configures the right solution to maximize yield and value. 

Solution Design and EPC

We are technology-agnostic and entirely focused on optimizing performance by matching the right technology and equipment to the specific energy application. Simulations further refine the design of our energy storage systems to accommodate site constraints and various trade-offs among the services we deliver. 

We select and implement the appropriate controls platform to ensure that all systems will be capable of capturing all possible revenue streams. We also perform Dynamic Augmentation on our operating systems and reconfigure system sizes and interconnection for maximum value as circumstances change. Our in-house EPC group ensures successful and timely delivery of every project we commit to.

Asset Management
and Operations

We operate our own energy storage assets. By leveraging our experienced team and our partner network, we can cost-effectively acquire a blend of best-of-breed, integrated technology and expertise. Our asset managers monitor daily and hourly market information to predict and respond to demand and market conditions.  

Solution Strategy

We determine the best short- and long-term system operation strategy to maximize revenue while considering the parameters of our long-term service agreements.

Regulatory Affairs

Our expert team is experienced in the New England and NY wholesale marketplace.
We are members of the NEPOOL and actively participate in advocacy for fair and efficient markets.
We also actively monitor the latest ESS state-sponsored programs and participate in regulatory proceedings.

Day-ahead and Real-time Offers

We manage day-ahead and real-time offers and posture our resources to maximize revenue opportunities from state-administered programs such as NY-VDER, MA-SMART, or MA-Clean-Peak and simultaneously to capture wholesale market opportunities such as energy, ancillary services, and capacity.

Forecasting and Load Analytics

We perform load analytics to forecast peak loads in support of our day-ahead and real-time asset optimization strategy and to serve our utility clients.